Like Betty Draper on a holiday in Paris.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 top.



Lace Lavender said...

Honestly, I think you should be "an official blog Representative" for TV shows, showcasing quality images with labels and comments on what they wore.

Like, I would be SOOOO happy if CW or another network would sign a contract with you, in which they supply with good quality images and you write about WHO WORE WHAT on their show. Would be amazing.

I am so interested in fashion appearing in gossip girl, hart of dixie, revenge, desperate housewives, mad men, pan am, and many other shows (some still going on, some discontinued). i keep imagining you had a blog for each and every one.

You are so amazing.


Astrid said...

Wow that's so nice of you! I wish I had the the time to juggle more blogs like this one at the same time, but I once started with a separate blog for Serena and it didn't work out because I just couldn't keep up. But thank you so much, very very motivating!

Anonymous said...

do you know where the hat it from? or the shoes??