6x01 Gone Maybe Gone 2


A real fashion climax is still to come I hope but for now I guess this will do.

Prada top.
Fendi bag.

6x01 Gone Maybe Gone 1


Marion said...

Amazing :)
I love her style !


gabbeezy said...

I love Blair in printed dresses! This one especially paired with a statement piece. Her entire outfit worked perfectly as she her setting was in Paris in last night's episode. This reminded me of my Gossip Girl collection in SocialBliss! http://www.socialbliss.com/gabbeezy/xoxo-gossip-girl-GQ4TMNJW

Lace Lavender said...

didn't u have a blog on what serena wore?

not that i normally like what she wears but really just was wondering i remember u did have one that blog.

Astrid said...

Yes I did, but I had to stop because I couldn't keep up. It does take a lot of time finding images, cropping them, uploading them, resizing them, finding the brands, writing comments etc.. I thought it would be better to put in all my effort in Blair and make it good in stead of juggling to average blogs. Sorry :)