2x04 The Ex-Files 2


At first sight a little crazy but this one has actually grown on me.

Marc by Marc Jacobs cape.
Alexandra Vidal top.
Marc by Marc Jacobs shorts. (Same ones as here)
Jennifer Behr headband.

2x04 The Ex-Files 5


Ruby Ross said...

I was wondering if she is wearing the same shorts she wore in 1x12 by Marc by Marc Jacobs. http://assets3.pinimg.com/upload/513621532472872269_s8H7jPdK.jpg

Astrid said...

She absolutely is, I remember! I couldn't find a full length shot, I'll update soon!

misskania said...

Amazing blog, Blair is the best fashionista in GG. Btw do you know the shoes she is wearing in this episode, during first school day?