6x09 The Revengers


Purple velvet leopard print, with matching eye shadow? Hideous. She was pretty much outshone by all the other schemers. That said, how awesome was this episode?

Andrew Gn Pre-Fall 2012 dress.
Christian Louboutin shoes.


6x09 Andrew Gn Pre-Fall 2012


Ruby said...

The matching eye shadow was bad. But I liked the dress. I would give it 3 stars. Anyway, this episode was amazing! The ending! So excited/heartbroken for series finale!

Anonymous said...

She was the only person to pull this off. I personally hate velvet with w fiery passion. However, I think she looks stellar including with the purple eye shadow because it is a light purple almost not visible. It's not a gaudy dark purple. She looks amazing I would give it 3.5 or a 4 because she pulls it off and the whole thing looks amazing on her. Eric Damon knows his work.

Sabine Kneiske said...

I absolutely love her earrings!! does anybody know where they're from??