6x05 Monstrous Ball 2


Love fall colors

Jason Wu dress.
Giada cardigan.
Bulgari bag.

6x05 Monstrous Ball 1


Anonymous said...

I think this deserved 4 stars. I like everything and the colors but the hair and earrings are amazing!!! That alone is a star by itself. The purse was quite impressive as well. Although, I do feel like Eric has seriously been letting us down with Blair's style choices this season. I understand only ten episodes but shouldn't he try a little harder. Even Serena's choices are lacking luster this season just not as much as Blair!!! I mean everything was nice but with the cardigan it almost looks homily which Blair is not. Idk I just thought since Blair is running her mother's empire in fashion we would expect her to dress fantastically everyday. Season 5 was the height of Blair it seems like. Very disappointed with Eric Damon on a level.

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