6x06 Where The Vile Things Are 6


Marie Antoinette called, she wants her jacket back. And Blair, for the love of God, stop miss matching your shoes. About the dress though: way not interesting enough for the final season, but I'm glad I discovered the designer. Beautiful clothes and inspiring lookbooks, have a look here.

Lyn Devon dress.
Valentino bag.
Rupert Sanderson shoes.

6x06 Where The Vile Things Are 5

6x06 Where The Vile Things Are 4


6x06 Lyn Devon


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree I love the jacket with the dress...it's very blair. She wears the tweed jackets and well. It adds a elegance to her. I wish it were a a little tighter since it is hanging. I do have to agree with the shoes I'm not sure why Eric Damon put them on her. Not that it looks bad but it is confusing but I guess it's to match the purse which ties in with the floral pattern and the shoes. But the shoes are way off but I can see why he did that. Other than that I love the dress and jacket. I'm not too crazy about the purse though. But the mismatch shoes are a metaphor..blair is losing everything she is trying to keep and mismatching her shoes are to show us that lost of control..how she is losing to her mother and becoming someone is starting to doubt their fashion paragon to a fashion legend and genius mother. The clothes must also fall in line with story and i think people forget that. Also do you have any idea who the jacket is buy...i really do adore it.

Ruby said...

I love your blog! Thanks so much for posting all the pictures and giving your ratings. I'm obsessed with BW and her fashion. Here is a link for some more current episodes of GG that might help you with designers or good photos. They also have an episode in advance. http://wornontv.net/tag/gossip-girl-season-6-episode-4/

Tiffany Ekwonna said...

Of Course it's Marie Antoinette,she admires her. Actually more than admires because she has a portrait of her on her wall!!