Oh my God. Mismatch of the century. Those are probably the ugliest shoes ever made. The shoes and the clutch clash so horribly with the dress it's hurting my eyes. You know, Burberry Prorsum is one of my favorite brands, but this dress is not a winner. And I assumed that the flower at her neck was part of it, but it's actually a brooch! Some odd choices, Blair...

Burberry Prorsum dress.

L.A.M.B. clutch.
Michel Perry shoes.
Alex Bittar brooch.



kaitlyn said...

Obviously you're an idiot.

Astrid said...

Hey, thanks.

Lucy said...

Its subjective, I love these shoes. :))

Sinem said...

I love this dress. I like those shoes- but u are right. Together it looks like shi*. What and you are definitiv not a stupid! Like your blog. Do you know where blairs ruby ring is from?
Thank You and

FreedomWriter3 said...

I actually really like this look, but to each their own.